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Cold Brew Coffee is Back on Tap

Our Cold Brew Coffee is back on tap 

Cold brew coffee is a sweet, smooth, extremely flavorful and less bitter way to enjoy your coffee drink. Our cold brew coffee is made using our darkest roast coffee beans called “Espresso Shots”, a french roast ($16.95 per lbs). The brewing process takes 24 hours but it’s truly worth the wait. Cold brew can be enjoyed either black or white; white meaning milk is added. For milk options we offer a choice of 2% dairy, oat, soy, or almond milk. Some people find that they need less sweetener and cream/milk when drinking cold brew coffee because of the brew's natural flavour and reduced bitterness,  which is great if you're cutting back on added sugar or watching your calorie intake.

We recommend sweetening your cold brew with our local maple syrup. Our 16 oz cold brew coffee is $3.95, we serve it in a bio-degradable cup with a paper straw, that is if you desire a straw! Stop in and treat yourself to one today. See you at the house.